Baby Mama Drama

I apologize in advance for what I’m about to say…I just can’t take girls seriously these days. If you’re sitting here getting knocked up left and right with a different baby daddy for each child then it’s hard for me to look at you with a straight face. Yes, I understand that things happen but damn how many times??? That ish is not cute.

A baby is not an accessory. These young girls out here getting knocked up back to back just proves that they’re not even mature enough to be having these kids. I don’t know maybe its just me but am I the only one who wants to have her ish together and her money right before even thinking about conceiving a child?

I mean, how can you let that many niggas go up in you raw?? One, there’s way too much out here to be going raw dawg. Two, they have free condoms at the clinic and at most college wellness centers. I don’t know man. This isn’t directed to anyone in particular. I just got tired of seeing all of these young girls walking around pregnant while pushing a baby in a stroller with one hand and holding a toddlers hand in the other…all while heading to the bus stop…

If you have kids and you’re taking care of them like you should then do your thing and I only wish the best for you but for the young girls still living with their mother and not doing anything with their lives but procreating, please learn how to keep your legs closed and your mind clear. thanks…sorry again if you feel offended. I just had to get that off my chest. 

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  • 10 September 2011
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